ESTLCAM Extraneous Paths Added

I’m working on my first project and ran into a snag. I’m running RC8 firmware and latest v9.037 Estlcam. I have all the cuts setup and they look correct. However when I export the gcode and sent it over to Repetier to preview and I notice these extra cuts added in. Sure enough they show up in Estlcam preview too.

The attached screenshots try explain it. I zoomed in to try and show the issue. In the lower left of the blue circular island pocket extra diagonal cuts show up. This was a dxf exported from Illustrator. FYI, even though the Illustrator file is set up in inches, the import selection should be picas for correct scale. This took a lot of trial and error…

I’ve tried to import it several times and tried to build the island pocket a few different ways and these lines show up every time. I’m stumped.

I don’t think all the pics uploaded.


can you please send me the project file or attach it here?
I’ll have a look what is wrong.



Let’s try a Dropbox link instead: