Estlcam Hole Cuts are Climb Cuts

Anyone know why Hole cuts are climb cuts but Part cuts are conventional?

I’m using V10.006 but it was the same in V9. I have the Milling Direction set to Conventional Milling in Basic Settings. When I set it to Climb Milling it switches Hole cuts to conventional and Part cuts to climbing.

The climb cuts are noticeably harder on the machine. Anyway to make all cuts conventional?


are you sure?
When set to conventional milling holes will be machined clockwise and parts counter-clockwise.
Is it not working this way on your computer?


Hi Christian, thanks for your reply. It is working that way - I just didn’t think that was right! I can see now that I was wrong and it is working as it should.

I didn’t think about the way the cutter is rotating in relation to the cut face. Sorry, my mistake.