Estlcam island with connection

Can someone help me I’m trying this one
Mill the heart out with 2 connections so that the heart
gets stuck inside after milling .
Thank you for your help
LG Gerhard

I’m a newbie at Estlcam but I think there is a tab setting to define a bridge between the outside and inside.
This thread might help. Default Tab Depth in EstlCAM - #2 by Gianpaolo


Thanks for the info, but unfortunately that doesn’t work with island milling

You’ll have to draw the tabs in before importing into estlcam.

Oooorrrrr, you can also manual draw the cutout in estlcam. Instead of letting it automatically select the line, there’s an option to manually define it.

Sorry I don’t quite understand what you mean by tabs
Draw in, I haven’t found the option to define it manually either, please help again, thank you

Like this…

Select Hole, Create Arbitrary Points

Click the top point as your starting point wherever you want your holding tab to start/end, then drag your cursor around the outside and RIGHT CLICK where you want the other holding tab to be.

Move to the inside shape, and left click to bridge to that path

Again, drag around the inside shape and RIGHT CLICK to mark the inside path

Finally, left click your start point to complete the path.

This now shows the completed Hole path

Repeat on the other side to create the top and bottom holding tabs so that the center object doesn’t detach completely.

I just did top and bottom for ease of explanation. You can make your tabs anywhere you want.

I hope this makes sense! :sweat_smile:


Thanks for the great explanation, now I understand

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