Estlcam preciew error

While waiting for all the parts for MPCNC to come, I’m learning Estlcam.

I’m trying to make simple toolpaths around an object and in most cases, when I hit “Preview” button I get “An unexpected error occurred :frowning: May I send an error report?”

If I hit OK, Estlcam closes

Anyone had this issue before?
Any solutions?

I’m using version 10,011

Thank you!

Try generating the gcode it automatically shows a preview. I am not familiar with what you are doing but generating is how I do it.

Same thing happens!

New version came out yesterday so I’ll try installing that one.

Will report back if that solves the issue

Check your tool diameter and step over. I’m betting it’s probably small values (for example the tool list contains a tool with 0.13mm diameter and 5% stepover – this is 0.0065mm per step). If you try to create a carve or pocket with this settings it will take forever or run out of memory. Try bigger values to rule out an issue with the software. I have found that anytime it takes a looong time or crashes during a preview, it’s my error usually converting inch to mm.



You could be right!
I was experimenting with various values and started getting thousands of hours for simple very small parts.
Just a bit larger part and program would throw in an error.

But, I’ve installed version 10,013 anyway and started with fresh values

Everything works fine now.
Job times are back to normal (I think) and there are no more errors.

Thank you for your help guys!