Estlcam question

I know it’s always a guess, but is the time estimation in estlcam days:hours:minutes, or hours:minutes:seconds??

;Project MarvelCalendar_bySandyEggoCNC
;Created by Estlcam version 11 build 11.019
;Machining time about 02:02:59 hours

I started cutting this today after work, and after an hour and a half I was at 7 percent!!


Maybe it was planning on doing the last 93% in a half hour? :slight_smile:

Weird, cutting the parts for the mp3dp the other day, estlcam overestimated the time it would take by an hour, maybe more

It was also the first time I’ve cut anything first try with perfect results!

I did somethong like that last night. My material was about 2" thick and i accidentally set my holding tabs to full depth on a few of the tedious inside cuts. It took for ever for the z axis to climb in and out of the cuts but the parting cut only had a 3mm holding tab so it flew arround for the last 10 minutes.