Estlcam Settings 'Carve' Issues

Hey gang,

I finally had the chance to blow the dust off my mpcnc (been enjoying the weather and outdoors). I am trying to make a birthday sign for my daughter. I am using estlcam to ‘carve’ the paths of both the unicorn and text. I am using this bit.

I have my bit settings like this…

I am just selecting the carve tool then inside with these settings.

For some reason the unicorn turned out beautifully but the inside of the letters looks weird. Like it dug deep in some corners and left the innards (hopefully that makes sense). Pictures help my description.

You can see the unicorn looks perfect.

however the letters look awful.

I know I have to be doing something wrong… Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction. Thank you all so much!


  1. Did you use estlcam to make the letters or imported as dxf?


Using Overcut maybe?

Drawn up in inkscape imported svg. I think I may have solved it. If I set the depth a bit deeper it seems to look better toolpath-wise. Out to the cnc we go.



If it’s only her third birthday, does she even need the letters?

Oh so true… ok so the sign is for the wife… Lol


If that doesn’t solve it, I have had that happen when the wrong bit angle is used. I think proper v bits and router vbits are rated in a different way for there angle.

The first pic is super clean…gallery for sure.

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It turned out pretty well. I bought that bit as im pretty sure that what that wesley guy that makes signs around the forum here uses. Maybe he could share his depth settings. It seems I’m close but the letterB still looks odd (who knows could be the font and how estlcam handles it). I’ll paint it and post back. Thanks all!!


Sign looks great. Can’t wait to see the finished product!