Estlcam tool length sensor

i want to probe my plasma cutter every time it starts a new line but wonder what g code is needed for this

You are using a plasma cutter with EStlcam? I would love to see your setup. I am just about to fire up my plasma CNC. I never even thought about estlcam, honestly I had not even considered the CAM part. Shoot.

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first forgive me my english it has been translated with google i have been working with estlcam perfect for many years now … i have now set the plasma so that i even have a piers height and set piers delay and can operate the workpiece with the tool probe first … for the rest it’s just like milling is the best when you have a floating z axis … can take some pictures of my settings tomorrow

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hi Ryan1 question how can I upload photos and 2 question do you have a floating z axis

tool list

the following order is wrong … the safe working height for me is 10 mm the length censor is just figuring out how high the z axis comes up again the best is 3 mm in connection with pierc height and then with M03 G01 Z-1.5 to lower the cutting height … if you do not have a plasma cutter with an electric arc then zero with the length censor (probe) to the material and then with the code M03 G01Z+1.5 through this the torch comes out slightly after ignition material do not forget to set the motor deceleration photo 2 so that you get a piercing … at the text photo 7 program start delete everything … all program end you can enter M05 for the rest delete everything maybe you still have questions very willing to share because I may have forgotten something and oh yes what control do you use I myself use arduino uno

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Nice, I am really trying to finish wiring my control box to my machine today, and hope to get to a test cut asap (still need a basic mount).

I am using ohmic sensing.

Estlcam looks to be very capable for Plasma. So excited to give it a try. I am using LinuxCNC with the QTPlasmac gui so I think a lot of the settings youshow are handled there, but I will find out soon!

good luck let me know if I can help you … my preference for estlcam is that almost everything I need is in it, including leadins and no fiddling with different programs