Estlcam version 11 Bugs?

I have noticed that the acceleration distance value does not seem to have an effect in version 11. this being used with an arduino uno/grbl. has anyone else noticed this?

Also, is there any tips for setting up other hotkey functions within the controller? It would be nice to initiate a tool length probe from a remote keyboard; also a hotkey to return to zero…etc


I haven’t used 11, I will stick with 10 for a few revisions. On that note I don’t use that firmware so I don’t think there are any reasons for me to switch yet.

I am new to this forum, is there any specific thread for software suggestions for estlcam?

Christian does pop in here sometimes but if you wanted to suggest something you should probably email him or maybe point him to your thread at least. He seems to be following the ESTLCAM firmware thread.

Gyday Guys
I have a problem. with the out put sizing of the finished product.

have made a R-CNC machine designed by RoMaker, I think. have finally got the thing to work. Estlcam was recommended and installed ,and connected. love the controller Too.
I am using “F-Engrave” to start with to make the G-Code for Estlcam to control the job.
Now when I set the dimensions of the sign, say at 500 x500, it come’s out of the carve smaller at 300x300?? have learn to live with so far?
I decided to try a DXF file in Estlcam, set it up on the screen with the grid so as to see what size it would be, set up the machine with a test piece of wood to the size on the screen, pressed go, the job finished at half the size it should have been??? yes exactly half size, in both directions. like 300 is now 150?
I am very confused for now, could the problem be in the marlin setup, or what.
can you advise me Please
Lloyd. Down under.

I would use estlcam to make the Gcode. Most of us only use it for that and control is done with repetier (marlin firmware).


When you import a model make sure you select the correct import units. That of course assumes you have teh electronics and hardware configured correctly.

I have no experience with any other benchtop CNC’s so I have no idea what is recommended for your machine. Those forums are here if you want specifics,

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having another think and read/look at the Estlcam , cnc controller settings ? mine doesn’t look right.

My, X and Y are belt with 20x60 pully . these are the settings in my marlin cnf. = 240 each

the Z is M8 linear rod = 8mm per rev. is set in my marlin cnf. = 400

are these the same digits to use in Distance per Revolution settings?

also what is the Max Feed Rate used?



I don’t use EstlCAM firmware. I don’t know what step rate, drivers, or motors you have. There must be some sort of instructions detailing this for you right?

I am having an issue with the clearance plane not moving at the distance I specify. Regardless of what I set it to it will move the z-axis roughly 3/8" before making a rapid movement to the next tool path. Has anyone encountered this and if so how did you fix it?

I just updated and used it a few days ago and it worked as intended.

Have you verified your machine…What exactly do you have your rapids set at (with what board, drivers, steppers, and stepper current). More information will really help narrow this down.

Hello I have a problem with the estlcam software version 11,239_a_64!
in all the configuration menus when I press the arrows to select other options in the menu nothing is displayed! ( nothing is showing on scrolling down menu )
is these normal?
am I doing something wrong?
is there a way to configure the program to have access to the menus?