EstlCAM Weird output

Anyone faced this issue before ? If I do automatic toolpaths from a stl body I get correct results but are too many and a lot of time for what I need to cut . If I do toolpaths from a .dxf I get this weird angled result .

2021-06-24 115224

The stl toolpaths are going to mill every surface. They will often do them in X and Y to get a good finish.

The angled paths from the dxf are travel moves. The bit is lifting up to clear the workpiece and then moving to another place to plunge.

What are you actually trying to do?

Make sure you have followed estlcam basics.

Thank you for your reply , I actualy tried the gcode generated in mid air and went fine so dont know why it was showing angled like that in ncviewer . I looked it at repetier host an was fine so I gave it a try and went great . I wanted to cut some carbon fiber an was scared that it might destroy my only piece :stuck_out_tongue: but in wood came out good so I moved to carbon and went great also .