Estlcam zero at fixed offset?

My aluminum stock is 50 thousandths oversize on all sides. So I want to remove .05 from each side of my 3/8 aluminum stock. In Estlcam I can set ‘zero’ to the exact corner, or I can offset it an unknown amount to take into account the amount I need to remove. By removing this amount I can get a true square and account for the inaccuracies of how I position it on the table initially.

I am also confused about how I control the amount it cuts into the side initially. Maybe this is all determined only by the z-axis DOC?

Familiar with 3D printers, but not CNC, although I have done a fair amount of machining.

doh, It just occurred to me that I can account for that by stepping manually after finding the edge :frowning:

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