Extruder Hookup

Okay so I am hooking up my extruder that I purchased from Vicious and I want to clarify the setup. I am under the impression that the two red wires will need to be stripped and inserted into D10. The white wires will replace the resistor that is currently in T0 on the board. The fan wires will need to be extended and plugged into D9, polarity sensitive. Is this correct? Also, the “always on fan” is the fan that is directed at the nozzle correct?

The always on fan is the one pointed at the cool block. I would connect that one directly to 12V so it’s on all the time. The one you would want to connect to D9 is the part / layer cooling fan so you can control it in the software.

Oh gotcha. Guess I gotta get out the old soldering iron out. Will the stepper driver come with a wiring harness that I can plug into the Ramps for the extruder or will I have to go get an adapter?

The stepper on my extruder plugged right in to the ramps. Although I may have had to extend the wires… I don’t remember and it’s all covered by shrink tube now…

This is the connecter that came with the extruder. It doesnt seem like its meant to plug into the ramps directly. What kind of connector is this? Might be making a Frys run later.

That looks different than mine. You’ll likely have to change it out.

Nevermind, I was just being too timid when attempted to plug it in. It does plug directly into the ramps, just takes a firm press.

That looks like the connector that would plug into a motor or switch.