Fidget Spinner

My son wanted one, so we made one :slight_smile:

Looks great and you got some amazing pictures!

Looks great, ive been thinking about making wood ones. How does it spin?

I designed a 3d printed one for the daughter on Sunday. I got one of the dimensions wrong, so it’s too big. I’m having to shrink it some.

Thanks for the comments.

It spins alright, but the cheap chinese bearings are not super fast. It helps after a while when the grease redistributes.
I think the ones you buy use ceramic bearings. We’ll try that next.

It is a nice project to have on the backlog, if you ever have kids around.

Just take the cage off the center. Degrease it, i use 99 percent alcohol. They will spin a lot better. You can then get some yoyo oil, or hair clipper oil. If you want. It wont need it tho.

Or just buy bones reds off of amazon. 14 bucks for 8. These are just as good as the ceramic i got.

Yup, gotta get the grease out if you want it to spin freely.

I cleaned my bearings in carb cleaner and then oiled with gun oil.

I cleaned mine off with a laser, from space, and oiled it with Tiger Blood!

What a waste of resources. That tiger’s blood is expensive! You must work for the government.

Everyone knows left handed unicorn’s tears is the best lubricant.