Finally made something that slots together correctly

And here it is


Looks great! Seems like you got some good tolerances.

What was your method? And your challenges?

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Looks cool… What is it?

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Thanks! I’m calling it a fruit bowl, but who knows what the wife will put in it.
Honestly the biggest challenge was figuring out the “stock to leave”. I ended up setting it to - 0.020 in after about a quarter sheet of testing and half a sheet of failure, so an extra 40thou on each pocket. At first I thought it was machine flex, but the finish passes were sooooooo light. That and paint. Painting mdf mostly sucks.
I cut a second bowl for sale and it all slipped together nice. I tried a bit of laquer to seal it up for easier painting, and it became a very tight fit again, needed some relief in a couple pockets.