Finally time upgrade to the lowrider2!

Been awhile sense I posted anything on here, been using my MPCNC for years now to do all kinds of things build furniture and computer cases.
Finally time to upgrade to a lowrider2, its not done yet, but its a full plywood sized bed 4x8 feet [still in progress] has sensorless homing which is really nice far less wires and already works pretty dang well. Should be cutting things tomorrow!


Long time no see! Glad to see you’re doing well and making a bunch. Good looking build. Thanks for sharing.

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What material did you use for the plates?

Acrylic! it was the only material I had that was the right width for the plate, it ended up working out great :slight_smile:

It looks sharp also

lol yea, it was till I filed it down a little, or did you mean sharp looking? haha, either way, yes its sharp :wink:

just did some test cuts and whew boy the difference between the mpcnc and the lowrider2 are massive, 10x the speed and it didnt even bat an eye, gunna have to buy a new shopvac to go along with it.


spoilboard finally setup, I plain it tomorrow and I can really get to using this monster!

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