First build size

I’ve been thinking about making one of these for a while and think I’m ready to pull the trigger, is 5’ x 5’ too large for an initial size? I went by the hardware store earlier and saw that they were selling 5’ sections and thought that it might be nice to have a large build area and skip some pipe cutting. I’m planning on using the machine to do CNC and probably laser engraving in the future since I already have 2 3d printers to maintain. Also, there’s mention of Stainless steel tubing on the conduit page, does that require a different size than the 23.5mm? Thanks!

Stainless is available in either 25mm OD or 25.4mm OD depending on where in the world you live.

5’ x 5’ is a bit large if you have never used a cnc before. Plan on using it for what, cnc routing of what kinds of material? If you answer includes aluminum, that is way to big, if not you should be okay but I still suggest smaller.

Thanks, I’ll probably drop it down to 3x3 or 30"x 30" and see how much I use it and if I want to expand it. I live in the US, so finding metric parts is harder than it should be. If I ordered a kit off the site with additional belt lengths would it come as one long piece or are the kits already pre-packaged with the set length?

Right now I’m just planning on using it mostly for woodworking, first project probably being a nice Catan board.

Metric what? I built the first one all from home depot parts, all should be readily available in the US, making it work for the rest of the world was the tough part.

The belt is shipped correctly, one or two pieces.

I guess Home Depot will be my next stop. So far I’ve tried Lowes, Tractor Supply, and Rural King. Lowes carries the 23.5, but I haven’t found anyone having the 25.4 so far.

23.5mm is what you are looking for, standard emt conduit.

You are only going to find 1" (25.4mm) tubing in specialty metal stores as stainless steel tubing.

Ok, thanks. I thought the 25.4 was another size of EMT conduit and I could later replace it with the more rigid stainless steel tubing at a later point without having to get new printed parts.