First Carve on the lowrider 2

Have made a number of small things before this but this was a great for sure. Still have to paint, but really came out clean.

Today’s work on the CNC was the longest and most complicated to date!

119,975 lines of computer code.
5 Hours non stop run time.

The result, may the force be with you! :wink:




Star Wars fans might like this. I thought it was very well done.

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That is awesome! What are you doing during those 5 hours? :slight_smile:

Not a whole lot. LOL This having been the first long project I was still pretty fascinated watching it work. Had a paint brush clearing the dust that the vacuum left behind. Also as it got near the end, I was getting quite nervous that it would finish without messing up.

I was running this from my phone using BlueTooth and after 17,000 lines of code I got a low battery warning on my phone. I thought it was going to die before finishing, was able to get the charger on it in time to finish. Won’t do that again. :slight_smile:

That is a great carve! V-carves are a lot of fun to watch, what with it moving in all 3 axes at once.

I can’t get a sense of scale from your picture. How big is that?

Wow! I wouldn’t trust bluetooth for something like that. I’m glad it worked.

Very brave! I am glad it worked. That is dedication right there.

I would probably watch it for an hour, clean up the garage for 30 mins, and then watch TV on my phone (not because the garage was clean).

Don’t know why but to date it’s been the most reliable! I do have my phone in Airplane mode and don’t touch it once it starts. I just really like the interface from the phone

I’ve got an SKR 1.2 Pro and TFTV3 3.5 sitting on my desk, but the Arduino Uno and CNC Shield are working well so I hate to switch it out. I know I will at some point because I want to run of an SD card.

It’s 360mm 14" in.

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very accurate, and detailed piece, what bits did u use?

Just a cheap 60 Deg .3mm V-bit from Ali Express.