First Layer of my First Attempt

Just finished installing all of the hardware for the 3D printer head (All purchased from Vicious) and this was the first attempted print. As you can see, the stepper motor would choose when it wanted to feed the extruder rather than run it continuously. Is this a driver current issue?

Heres the link to the picture, It was too big

could be lots of things.

What brand of filament, what type, what temps did you use, what speeds, screen shots of your slicer settings would be good as well?

Im printing with Robox PLA, 1.75 mm. I set my extruder temp to 195 with a feedrate of 30 mm/s.


Try going up to 212, some of the new PLA are crazy high temp, The inland I am using is 212, I think makergeeks is 225.

Hmm I just tried 212 and the filament began to leak out of the nozzle before the print started. Ill try 205

205 also leaked, But I let the print continue and had the same results as the first print. The stepper just turns off and on during the infill.

The nozzle will always ooze when at temp. A leak is usually filament coming out of somewhere it shouln’t, cross your fingers you never see that.

So it could be a few things. The nozzle could be too close on the first layer causing back pressure and the extruder will skip. Your driver could be having thermal shutdown, if it is set too high it will momentarily turn off and start again when it is cooled down, Make sure your driver is set between 0.6V - 0.7V. The third thing could be wrong extruder temp. Or more tension needed on the filament.

Is this your first time 3D printing? Did you use all my setting on the repetier walkthrough page? A few of those wrong could cause it as well. 3D printing is super easy…after you get the first print right, before that a slew of setting to triple check.

I didnt even see that page with all of the settings! It is printing like a dream right now, almost done with the tree frog as a test but so far it looks amazing. Ill post a picture when its finished. Thanks for all the help!

Well here it is! My first successful print. Im happy with the way it turned out for my first time. I would love to hear any recommendations to improve the print quality! Are there any obvious setting changes that should be made just by looking at the print? It took about 2 and a half hours to print

Looks really good for a kind of complex print. I would try it again at .2mm layer height and 8% infill. Something looks slightly off or maybe it is just really thick layers.

But it looks good enough if you are happy, doesn’t look like any major issues.

My layer height was .3mm because the nozzle was dragging across the still warm filament (maybe I can adjust this in a setting?). The 8% infill will just help with how long the print takes correct?

My main concern is with the “skipped” layers, where it looks like the printer skipped the outer most pass on a few of the layers. Wish I had a multimeter to check my driver amperage