First Parts 3/16 (5mm) aluminium

So yeah, I just built this 2x2 Primo with parts from Ryan and here is my first usable part.

I manufacture accessories for vans and have a lot of components lasercut but I wanted to be able to rapid prototype here and maybe even make more components in house, especially when I just need a few to complete a project.

It was only my forth go I can still tweak it.


Neat! which mount did you use for the colt router?

I made my own out of 15mm thick aluminium that I had. To be fair, I don’t own a 3dprinter but I own a milling machine, a lathe and a bandsaw.
I might make new mounts with the primo later but I also am not sure if the colt is the best router to use. I chose it because of the 16000 to 35000rpm and the price is beetween the dewalt and the makita but it is also bigger wich take’s up machine workspace.
It is also quite loud and seem to vibrate a little and it is not caused by spindle runout or cutter.

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That’s awesome! I too have a Colt router and would like to try my hand with milling Al… would you mind sharing the rates and speeds you used in the video ? Also the alloy haha

1flute carbide 1/4in endmill. spindle speed 35000rpm, feedrate 1016mm/min. 1 roughing pass and 1 finishing pass with 2mm stepover. depth of cut 0,6mm.

Keep in mind I used 1" stainless tubing with 0.125’’ wall tubes for my primo build and also fill them with concrete to reduce vibration and flex. I also have my corner tubes protruding in the table.

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The alloy is either 5052 or 3003, is was an unlabeled piece that I had. 6061 is best if you don’t need to bend the part. 5052 as slightly better machinability than 3003 but with a bit of lubricant I’m positive both can be cut with the same parameters.

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