First runs with my CNC CNCjs not cooperating

I got an AZDelivery Arduino Clone with CNC Shield. I installed GRBL on it and
made trials with steppers using my desktop computer.
Now I built it all on my CNC and connected Arduino to my laptop. So far so good, but when I connect
CNCjs to COM4 (or whatever) I hear the steppers make a short clack. However everything in CNCjs is grayed out, I can not move any axis, I can not call anything out with $$.

I tried different baud-rates, no luck there. I then tried with Universal CNC software. It is able to connect to
my controller and it is able to move the axis. So, can somebody tell me what the problem with CNCjs is. Like I said, another PC (my desktop one) and it did it just fine with CNCjs and this board…

Also I have another older small CNC also with GRBL (different Arduino clone from Aliexpress) and it works just fine with this laptop and CNCjs…

Do you need to hit the reset button? Grbl locks itself out if it hasn’t homed, or something to that effect.

On second thought, that’s weird. It should be at least able to do that. Do you have the same settings for baud rate and port? Only one process can open a serial port at a time in windows. You should have hardware flow control off.

Yes, that was probably the problem I put the flow control off and now it works. Beats me, with my other CNC it most likely was left on and that one still worked. Well, no idea what it does but now it seems to
be doing what it should…

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