Foldable learning tower

The foldable learning tower for my 13 month old daughter is finished.
There are some minor things to improve, but I’m very happy with the result :slight_smile:
I think she will enjoy it, too

The lower safety bar will be removed when she is big enough to climp the stairs up and down.


The rounded edges are superb, very nice work!

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That is great. Very effective use of material and it will probably be used for a long time, since it is conveniently able to store away.

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Thanks! I hope so :slight_smile:

I love that! Is that your own design?

Yes and no :wink:
I searched on the internet for folding designes and found something similar on etsy. But that one had no lower safety bar and with just adding one it won’t be foldable anymore.
So I redesigned it and changed some hinges and details.


That is so cool! Need to do this for my grandkids!

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it is so cool. My son would love it. Where can i get one of these?

Thanks, but unfortunaltey I don’t sell them :wink: