For why MPCNC don't have Endstop?

I would to know why the MPCNC don’t have endstop?
Why i can calibrate Z axis ?

you can put endstops on if you want lots have by the looks of it for their 3d printer builds but I have never needed them since I just run the dewalt 660 on mine maybe on my laser build I will put them but even then I would probably only put it on if i was using it as a 3d printer since I have a 3d printer already its not going to be anytime soon on that one.

not to sure what your asking about the Z axis if you want to know how to calibrate but there is Auto bed Level Sensor I know you can get for 3d printers if something like that is what your after im sure it would work with the mpcnc as well. search YouTube for it being used might be what your after.

Thanks a lot for your explanation, I understand how the MPCNC work.
P.S : Sorry for my english i’m french …

Salut Nathan,

If you want some help in French, send me an MP, I will be glad to answer you if I can. :slight_smile:

I think that its easier not to have them for CNC. on a 3d printer, your bed is always in the same place and you want to know where on the bed that the object will be printed. With CNC, you dont want to have to worry about positioning your material in the same place every time. I think that its easier to choose my start location according to where I place my material as opposed to choosing it according to where my machine thinks the center is.

I have 2 endstops on my cnc. One on X and one on Y. This gives me an absolute and repeatable 0. Without this it is incredibly hard to reposition the router after a tool change.

When setting up a home position with the end stops how do I know which way the steppers are going to drive for home position? Does this have to be setup in the firmware?

I just moved it to the center and hit x and y home separately, then hit the e stop buttons once it started moving.