Forum Post Disappearing

I spent a while wrestling with the forum last night. I made this post several times and it kept disappearing (e.g. see this post with no posts but 1 voice!). I finally got it to stay up, but I don’t see it linked from the Troubleshooting - MPCNC list so I don’t think anyone is going to find it.

I’ll try posting again. Is this a known issue with the forum? Seems pretty reproducible for this post for some reason. I think it has something to do with the code blocks.

I just tried to post that post again to see if it would show up in the Troubleshooting part of the forum. But after hitting submit it just took me back to the landing page without an error or anything… hmm (

Edit: scrolling to the bottom of the page I see an error for duplicate topic which totally makes sense. I’ll try changing it a bit

Third (or fifth?) time is a charm I guess! The new post is showing up in the Troubleshooting topic list now.

You triggered a spam filter (best guess as it is a black box). Your first two topic contain external links so it typically holds them for a little bit, then you tried to resubmit and that locks it. As for why it finally let you post it, Who knows.

Oddly, it emailed me three times, since I was referenced. Not a problem, just thought it was interesting. It’s a new PM system, just @somebody and add some spam links. :slight_smile:

Oof just had another reply disappear in my x-axis error thread. Luckily I could go back in the browser and recover the text and post again with a slight change.

No links this time but I edited the original post to add a pic and the post disappeared. Seems like whatever filter is in place doesn’t like it when I add pictures, which seems like a bummer since we probably want to encourage pictures here.

I have no idea. I can make some guesses. You were flagged several times for spam and cleared, I have a feeling your posts are under a bit of moderation, when they don’t immediately show up I can see you immediately re-post the same exact post. That is a sure way to get held up.

Try giving them a few minutes to clear.

Like I said I have no control over it, other than to remove the filter and that is not happening. As for the pictures, JPG and under 3k in size usually work no problem, no more than 6 at a time. Large pics and png’s can be iffy.