French MPCNC

Hey everyone, here’s another MPCNC from France !

Printed the parts and ordered the electronics from Ryan. I first had to really tune my printer as I’ve never printed that much objects in the past. Changing the nozzle from .4mm to .6mm helped a LOT.

I cannibalized my crypto mining rig now that the market has pretty much crashed and built a table to put everything

I powered the motors off of a 12V PCI express line as the computer PSU can handle 20amps or so one these.


The ESTLCAM tutorials are very well done and had no problem at all following them. Although, I don’t know how to select a tool and the program seems to always select the default one, so I keep changing it during my tests. I plan to switch to fusion 360 anyway


so I grabbed the first SVG file I found and got this :


more info here (french) :

Overall I’m pretty pleased with this project. I wasn’t in a rush and took time to plan this, it went pretty smoothly. All the information was there even if I read most of it too quickly. So thanks to everyone involved in this project !

I can now go back to make some wooden keyboards !

That first cut looks great!

Welcome to the crew.