Front End Software for MPCNC with Marlin SKR 1.3 board

Has anyone used or know of a software front end other than Pronterface or The machine control in Simplify 3D? I keep going back and forth on whether using a 3D printer controller board is really what I should be using.

Really, all one really needs to do with most work is place your material on the MPCNC and set your offset but it would be nice to have a little more controll, maybe DRO’s and whatnot.

I have the TFT35 screen and I’m investigating custom buttons there but thought I’d ask here and see what other people are using

Repetier host (without the server) is common and takes the place of pronterface.

The other common options are octoprint on a raspberry pi (still 3d printing-centric) or cncjs, also on raspberry pi. Both octoprint and cncjs are packaged in Jeff’s convenient v1pi image.

I don’t use cncjs myself but it is intended for cnc primarily and not 3d printing.

If you are looking for TFT35 customization you can have a look to this thread:

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Thanks Gabriele!! That’s an awesome post. I’ll be diving into that in a bit. First up is CNC.js which I am totally digging. As a more in depth front end, CNC.js Desktop is great. However, for every day, no computer attached, Local control, I am gonna build out the TFT35 and see if that has a place in the workflow