Full Unistrut Table?

I was wondering if anyone has built a full Unistrut table? I have seen the Paulk Work top with unistrut sides and currently I’m without a lot of equipment so the struts would allow me to build a suitable table with minimal tools. I was originally going to use an old hardwood table that I’ve had sitting around but after dropping a level on it turns out the whole top is twisted by a good amount. Poking around online I found a place to deliver 20 ft sections of Strut to my door free shipping and it’s a bit cheaper than what HD would be.

Are there any concerns to be worried about using unistrut? I plan to bolt it together to get it perfectly square before welding it solid. Other input I’m looking for is how do people feel about their low rider table size? Did you wish you went bigger or smaller after using it? I’m leaning towards a 30x50 cutting area so it will allow me to have room in the shop after I get new equipment but can’t say I am not tempted by the idea of just dropping full sheet down and being done with it.

Watching this thread in case you try it. I don’t see why it wouldn’t work but to me it seems a bit overkill, not necessarily in a bad way though.

I’m pretty sure someone has done this already, just can’t remember who. As long as the pieces are straight, I don’t see a reason adult meccano wouldn’t make a pretty good table. I use it for my rails, mainly just so I could have a good straight bearing surface.