Fun with washing machines

So my washing machine has been kind of anemic. My hopefully-soon-to-be-ex wife at some point decided that the actually very nice front-load machine that came with the house was too much trouble to actually properly close the door (Because if you don’t, it won’t start) so one weekend while I was out, she went and got what I can only assume was the cheapest machine that she could get her hands on. 6 years later, and it’s not so great…

So I got a new machine. The delivery guys come and haul out the old one… And try to tell me that it won’t fit through the laundry area door… Well, it got in through there. So they try again and it does fit, but without a lot of room to spare.

Then they tell me that the new machine is wider. It won’t fit in. Between the hot water tank and the wall (the narrowest point) there is just over 27" The new machine is 27.5" wide.

(expletive censored)!

Okay, so I can move the hot water tank (It actually needs replacing, but that’s another matter) or figure out another way to get it in there.

Well, my basement has a suite in it, and behind the laundry area is the hot water tank and the furnace, and a space that I think was intended as storage. Nobody lives in it, it’s basically been my CNC shop area and storage… There’s a little wall at the back of there that covers the area beside the bathroom. The “wall” is a hunk of OSB that is about 31" wide. Behind that, the frame for the wall is 28" wide. Bingo.

The problem is that the space there is where I stacked up a bunch of servers. My NAS servers (with all of my video material on it. I make backups of every DVD and Blu-Ray disc I own, plus a majority of the VHS stuff that I have to the NAS server so that I don’t have to go digging through discs.) Plus my mail and web server, and the various other servers that I have to copy the various environments that I work with. It’s a couple hundred lbs of hardware, anyway, with the UPS systems. Right now, that’s sitting on some Ikea STEN shelving back there, and of course it’s right in the way of where I need to move the washing machine in.

So now I’m juggling moving those machines to a new location, so that I can remove the sten shelf and move the washing machine into place…

I think I’m going to have to make a run to go buy some new socks and underwear bfore I actually get this machine connected and running. This has been my life since Tuesday…


Put the front loader on a pedistal. If you didn’t buy one, make one with some 2X12 material. Your knees will thank you.

I’m still kicking myself for not getting them when we moved into this house.


Can you remove the thin strips (the ones that prevent the door from swinging through the frame the wrong way) in the door jamb to get your needed 1/2"? Those are usually just finish nailed in.

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Don’t have the front loader anymore. Wish I did. The ex had it hauled away when she replaced it with one less than half as good.

The clearance problem isnt a doorway, it’s the space between the hot water tank and a concrete foundation wall. Moving the tank isn’t easy, the gas lines are also kind of in the way there too.

Getting closer to having it all done., just 10X more work than it should be. Needed to vent about it a little.


This kind of thing can be painfully humorous to deal with, much like waiting for a special bath tub to arrive only to find out it won’t fit through any doors or windows. This should be blamed on non-standardized appliance dimensions; historically you get a washer, it fits in a washer space period, no research needed. Too bad you couldn’t like remove the appliance door to get it to fit or something.

Anyhow, I hope relocating your servers has gone smoother. Speaking of waterheaters… my neighbors who hired me to replace their gas tank waterheater less than a year ago, had an issue this morning with their pilot light going out and not lighting up properly. I went over and got it relit, but it did take excessively long for that thermocouple to fit in. The newer rediculously complex (and expensive) “Lo NoX” California legal water heaters are going to end up costing homeowners a lot more long term. Even getting to the thermocouple is a PITA, and lots of these units require replacing other expensive parts (seals, grommets, burner tubes, etc) just to swap in a new tc. Used to be a 10min job with <$10 for a new tc. Now it will take at least 30min, plus those parts. From my work experience, 99% of gas water heater repair calls are the result of a broken thermocouple. So if you live in CA, laws have made replacing and an older water heater not the savory experience it used to be. Kinda annoying to have petty laws like these (those Lo NoX devices aren’t doing much for the enviro in the big picture), which do nothing to offset our lack of control over global manufacturing pollution.

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I built the stand out of 4x4 and plywood. Each leg has a 4x4 and then plywood boxes keep the whole thing rigid, and added storage for supplies. The whole thing is on castors. I will have to cut it up to get it out.

My favorite idea was taping a very strong magnet to the dryer door. Because it was just off of level and it would constantly try to close on me. But with the magnet, it will stay open. Best cheap trick ever.

We have had our front loaders for probably 18 years. Parts have failed several times on them, but it was always faster to get a new part than shop for a new pair. They even stock most parts locally (except the big specialty brain boards).


I didn’t bother with storage. Just 2X12’s for a box and 3/4 plywood for a top.


Be careful. Domestic appliances moving into your maker space. That’s the start of a long slippery slope. You’ll be doing the ironing there next.

My Wife and son moved the washing machine into my work area last week when it started pissing water over the kitchen floor. I suppose you all think that’s clever of her, I suppose it is one way to get my attention. So if I want to do anything I have to either buy a new machine or fix it. Luckily it was a quick fix and just needed the soap dispenser and pipes cleared of old soap. Seems from YouTube its a common problem with these front loaders.

Having done that and had the machine moved back to its rightful place, I now can’t move for my wife’s projects. It starts with ‘just’ a vintage school desk to be reclaimed, then a damaged dining tables from the local hospice shop (wont you just quickly fix the leg) … I got to ban my wife from going to these charity shops.

So where’s the LR3 supposed to go?

I have to put my foot down with a firm hand and keep my workspace clear. But how do I do it without getting a black eye?

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With the cnc?

You don’t. MAYBE you move some stuff to the kitchen table because all of a sudden you don’t have any room. Or maybe that table becomes storage for your in-progress projects…

Brilliant Idea Tony. I have already steaked my claim to the pool table which is amazing real estate to work on with a great light over it. Kitchen counter next.

Now CNC ironing may not be a silly as it first seems. Hmm…

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I see I’ll have to try to, " put my foot down with a firm hand" too - maybe that’s where I’ve been going wrong all this time.