Funny but also ridiculous experience on eBay Germany with my MPCNC

Hey all,

here a really funny but also ridiculous experience I had on eBay Marketplace (Kleinanzeigen) this week with my MPCNC. :flushed:

I bought a MPCNC in January from V1 Engineering based on “small” experiences - at that time - with 3D-printing. After receiving it, I have also realized a number of 3D-components with FreeCad and printed them for building “my” version (on ALU Frame 30x30) of the MPCNC.

When I saw the new PRIMO version of MPCNC I decided to print it myself for not using PLA but other materials (see here the description of my Primo version: My Primo in Multi-Colour, Multi-Material on a Alu-Frame 30x30 B-Type Nut 8 ).
Finalizing the printing session in September and building the PRIMO, this week I have put an announcement/offer on eBay Marketplace (Germany - Kleinanzeigen) to sell my Original-MPCNC parts but also giving all the additional parts I have created/printed. No place for a 2nd MPCNC :unamused:

Today I got a message from eBay that they took off my announcement because a company in Germany complained about my announcement. The reason is that my announcement - presumably - impinged upon their rights! :flushed:

I have requested eBay to get a statement regarding the infringement of rights (private person is selling a used product with additional parts that were produced by himself) but also the verfication of right to delete my announcement.

Currently I do not know the name of the company but there is only 1 company on eBay Germany that “officially” prints and sells the MPCNC.

Anyway, I think it is really ridiculous and somehow a quite wretched company that needs to operate in this way.
Seems that private selling of my MPCNC was creating huge competition. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

POOR GERMANY!!! :woozy_face: :woozy_face:


PS: Ah, I am selling a MPCNC (not PRIMO) with a lot of parts if anyone is interested :sunglasses:

Ryan has had a lot of trouble with people selling many of their own printed parts from his files. They don’t have a license to do that. He also has a partner in Germany who help him watch out for these sellers. The point is not to keep you from selling the kit you bought from Ryan, but to clip sellers who are trying to make a buck by selling parts they printed without permission of the designer.

It sounds like you got caught in the crossfire. You should be able to sell parts you bought from Ryan (most places give you that legal right) but you can’t sell parts you print yourself. However, Ryan usually makes an exception if you are selling your own parts here in the forums and you aren’t selling so many that it looks like a business.

Not sure how to undo the action from ebay. He has so many cases that they are quite efficient at removing them now.

You can easily sell it in the #leftovers section.


Hi Jeff,
as mentioned, I have bought the MPCNC from Ryan in January. I also mentioned that in my announcement and I can prove it with the original invoice. No part of the MPCNC was printed by myself, only the parts that I have constructed on my own.

Sorry, in my opinion there are no excuses for such a procedure!

1 question:
Selling one (!) MPCNC (used) for 120 or 125 Euro, do you really think that you can earn and create a business with it?
2.5 kg of material = 70 Euro
ca. 100 h or more of printing for 55 Euro? My housekeeper would ROFLOL!!

This is what I meant with ridiculous!
Comment: Everything what I sell on eBay i put in the piggybank of my children, it is their business!

Addition: It would be interesting to get the name of the partner in Germany who “blamed” me at eBay. That would give me the possibility to contact that company to clear these topics.

Calm down, Jeff’s explanation illuminates the situation quite well. The guys at ebay follow the US mentality on the handling of IP (intellectual property) issues. And even if they would concede you an exemption, which they certainly won’t do, they would immediately be in a Catch-22 situation, creating their own precedence case.

My advice: Collect all the parts of your Burly, add, what is needed to make it functional, and give it for free to a charity place, like a makers’ lab for young people who haven’t had a chance to learn what they could have.

And yes, giving it to a school officially will immediately imply liability questions that would probably stop any goodwill acitivity, an issue that is the fallout of our successful business relationship with the U.$. The same applies for the IP range of rights and duties. So, take it with some relaxed humour, nobody here will be able to change it. Ridiculous, yes, but I observe Jeff’s request to stay unpolitical here… :slight_smile:

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I understand why you would be upset. I don’t think anyone intends to stop you from selling your mpcnc. Ryan doesn’t keep me in the loop, but I suspect the details you are looking for are on the license page.

We’re not your enemy here. There was a mix up. Take it easy.

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It is right, that I am really upset. But I think you did not understand the reason for being upset, it is not that it is because someone stopped me from selling the MPCNC. To be honest I do not care about!

The reason why I am upset is that eBay wrote me that I was reported by someone for a criminal act. Additionally they threatened me with consequences if I try to continue announcing products in the way I did.

I am charged by the German partner of Ryan with an element of a crime and this makes me upset!

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The message you received from eBay is quite likely an automated response. The specifics of your ebay post fit within a certain set of key words or combination of words that triggered the response you received. I don’t believe anyone is actively pursuing you or your actions at this time.

Oh. That makes sense too.

I sell hundreds of items a day on ebay and amazon, i have gotten that warning for copyright infringement many times, it is just that, a warning. Dont worry about that message it is just ebay covering their rear in case you actually sold something illegally they can prove to the copyright owner they did their part by the law and they cant be to blame or sued now for what that person does. It is basically a copy and fill in the blanks form they send out, they just replace the name of the item and so on, they send hundreds if not thousands a day. Which is also why ebay doesnt care to help you fix or find out why, they did their “part” and dont want to waste time on it anymore. I learned this after trying to fight about 4 or 5, ive had probably 50+ of those sent to me in the past 8 years of selling on ebay.

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