Fusion 360 360/ Repetier not showing model

Over the last few days while waiting on my mpcnc I’ve decided to start playing around with fusion 360… I’ve created a few 3d models and created successful tool paths in the CAM section. The problem I’m having is after creating the g code in fusion then opening the (.gcode) file in Repetier… the model doesn’t show up on the work area. Is anyone else having this problem or am I doing something totally wrong? Any help is appreciated thanks!

I believe that’s right. It will show as it is cutting I believe. But not on the object placement screen, on the print screen.

Depends on where you are saying the paths are appearing.

In fusion, you can set where the start point is, and that will dictate where the model is going to appear in repetier.

ie. I generally have mine start with it expecting the bit tip in the bottom left corner on top of the wood, to do this you would go to the cam view, and right click on setup and hit edit. you can now edit your stock(size of board you are working with) and starting point.

*If you are starting with the bit on top, then in repetier your cuts will move above and below the plane/surface.

If the paths dont show up at all for the model, toggle on ‘filament’ and ‘travel paths’ in repetier.

another thing to check is the ‘printer settings’ tab in Repetier, and tell it the bed size under ‘printer shape’

I think Bradley has it, you need to check “show travel moves” in repetier.

I highly suggest you learn Estlcam at the same time. There are many many options in fusion for CAM. To really get an idea if you are doing things right generate the paths in both and compare them, cut times, etc. Estlcam is so much more foolproof It can eliminate many of the frustrating things that can go wrong with fusion. I can make my tool paths in estlcam at least 3 times faster than fusion, but I try to use both. Honestly I have not had any issues with eith not having a feature I needed. I only practice with fusion so I can act like I know what I am talking about in here.

I appreciate the quick response’s

If I open the file on estlcam, it shows a wacky drawing… which I can make out the part I’ve designed, but there’s like 1000 circles all around do the part. and when I open it in Repetier it shows nothing lol. Which leads me to believe I’m not drawing it correctly.

Another quick question that’s probably stupid… but how do you start a drawing in estlcam? All it seems to let me do is open an existing drawing… I’m not seeing an option to start a new project.

Estlcam is 99% for opening a design, preferably some sort of vector. You can do some design in there but I would stay away from that part for now. You should have a look at christian’s (Estlcam creator) videos, pretty no nonsense.

Have you followed my getting started guides? It gives a pretty solid one step at a time approach to how things should be done.