Fusion360 Guffy Post Processor

Hello everyone. When I try to install Guffy’s post processor in fusion I get an Invalid Post Processor error. All the files from git are unzipped into the same directory. I try to load DIYCNC_Marlin20.cps, but I have tried all 3 of them. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong but I’ve seen a lot of you with recent posts using it so it has to be me right? Thanks in advance


I’m not sure how you are installing or what you mean by loading. Based on this Fusion 360 article, I put the Guffy files here:

C:\Users\rober\AppData\Roaming\Autodesk\Fusion 360 CAM\Posts

And everything worked. I accessed the PP inside of fusion using the CAM. Note while it doesn’t hurt to put all the files in the subdirectory, you only need two: DIYCNC_Common and either DIYCNC_Grbl11 or DIYCNC_Marlin20 depending on whether you are outputting the code for Marlin or GRBL.

Thank you! That fixed it. I was using this import button at the top of the posts screen:

Interesting. I’ve never even noticed that button. There may be an issue in how Guffy split his PP into two files in terms of the import.

Just out of interest, where do you see this button? My Post dialog doesn’t have any icons.

From the Manufacture workspace, select Manage->Post Library. The icon is at the top. Note I’ve never seen this dialog either until I poked around after Brian posted.

OK, thanks I didn’t realize that was there.

Unfortunately that will not work as F360 thinks that a PP is a single .cps file. The Guffy PP provides 3 different but related PPs. It does this by moving all the common code into DIYCNC_Common.js that is then #included into each of the 3 different .cps files.

When you use the import button it only copies the .cps file and then there is no DIYCNC_Common.js so it fails when run.

The other option is to wait till you run the PP and where it shows the file path use the … button to select a folder (on your computer) that has the files. On later runs you can simplify this by using the Setup button and then select Recent from the bottom of the list and then select the folder you used the last time.

One final option, I’ve created a version of the Guffy post processor. See below. The zipfile attached to that post has the files merged. Once extracted from the zipfile that Post Processor can be installed.

The Autodesk website said path to install post processors on MacOS Big Sur is /Users/username/Autodesk/Fusion 360 CAM/Posts. But the Autodesk directory and subdirectories weren’t in my home directory. I wasn’t sure if manually adding that folder would be the proper thing to do. So I kept searching for a solution. Most of the other stuff I found was for installing on Windows.

When I found this topic on here on the V1 Engineering forum, on a hunch, I tried to “import” like the OP and likewise got the “invalid post processor” error. But my hunch was correct, the proper directories were created. So I manually copied the post processor files into /Users/username/Autodesk/Fusion 360 CAM/Posts/, then restarted Fusion 360. It looks like they’re properly installed now, but I can’t say for sure because I still need to learn the CAM section of Fusion 360. Anyway, I hope this is of help to fellow Mac Users.

There is an updated post processor with enhancement and bug fixes that can also be installed using the Fusion 360 standard install processor.

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