Fusion360 Toolsets/CAM Tool Library

I’d like to share my small but growing toolset I use for Fusion360. I have yet to truly dial in these tools but they seem to work well so far.

I took some cheap HF micrometers and measured some equally cheap end mills, spiral cut, and a nice bosch straight bit - took those measurements and plugged them into my local tool library.

the attached file can be imported into Fusion360. I am not sure if it will also import the holder that I use for the tools (a 500w 10k rpm from china).

If we could share tools, it would eventually make things easier for all of us.

Here are the links to the mills I have in this file:

10 Piece Diamond Point Rotary Grinding Set from HF:

3 Piece HSS 1/8" Spiral Cut Bits:

Bosch 3/16-in Carbide-Tipped Straight Bit:

errr… I tried to upload the file “tools.tools” file but the forum will not let me.

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Will it let you attach a ‘zipped’ version?

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that worked.

tools.zip (2.04 KB)

So I got 12 new ball and flat center cut mills today, just added their dimensions to Fusion360.

These are TiAlN coated and seem to be of good quality (Germany).

Will update here how well they work when I start a new project tomorrow.

tools_v2.zip (3.21 KB)

I have not been able to find a tool library for the Dremel bits. Attached is an export of all Dremel High Speed Cutters with various sizes. I also included the holder dimensions to include the MPCNC Universal base diameter. I included the product numbers and links to productsNote: You may need to adjust NCs in case it causes duplication with your current tools. I believe the max tool count is 56 (gcode).

Fusion360_MPCNC_Dremel_Tools.zip (3.11 KB)