G92 and auto squaring

Hi guys, I’m a bit confused about auto squaring.

Whenever I read something that Ryan wrote about auto squaring, he said that you need to change the workflow because 0,0 will now be in the front left corner.

But G92 should still work, right?

I should be able to start my MPCNC up, home it for the auto squaring, then position it at the starting position and do a G92 X0 Y0 and hit start.

Or does the G92 somehow overwrite the auto squaring offsets of X2/y2?

G92 should work fine. It will just set the current position (homed or not) to user specified values.

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Or you can use work offsets.

But work offsets only make sense for repeat jobs, when you’re making mostly one offs then it’s quicker to move the tool manualy to the start position and use G92…