Getting G-code to controller

I have encountered yet another problem with building my machine. Everything is setup and completed and now all that’s left is to get the g code from my computer to the controller. I have the chord that came with my kit that goes from my computer to the controller but it doesn’t seem to do anything. I followed a fusion 360 tutorial as well as repiter-host but can’t get my gcode to my machine. Thanks In advance

Finally got it “connected” but manual mode doesn’t pop up on repetier like it’s supposed to and this error pops up every second non stop. Also have a blinking orange light on the board.

I’m also on Mac if that makes a difference

What are your machine settings in repetier, do not use Fusion360 it does not have a direct machine connection. You should be following estlcam basics

I have not heard of any MAC issues for a long time.

Sorry you seem to be having such a different experience from most with all of this, I hope the help has made up for it.

Sorry this page first, Setup - V1 Engineering Documentation

well Ryan good news got everything running with Fusion360 with no problems and never even bothered with EstlCam. I finally made a few test cuts and everything worked perfectly. Just got some fine tuning to do now and next its onto making stuff!

my new problem is when I send g code to repetier host, the 3D model it provides is very very small no matter how big I make a part in CAD. Any resolutions?

Export in MM, not inches.