Going from printing to first milling operation.

Hey guys,

I have moved and just got my MPCNC set back up. I havent printed yet just jogged the machine around some. Before I start printing though I would like to surface the spoilboard so it’s parallel to the print head. You can see my setup here https://goo.gl/photos/NoN3S24TkqsHsSki8 the pictures at the bottom are the most recent. After I surface it flat, I would then like to mill out at pocket to insert a mirror or piece of glass. I don’t have the dimensions yet but I’m going to head down to lowes in a bit to look for a 19x19 mirror or smaller. I have a 495mm by 495mm build volume. The idea is to set it up in a way that I can print multiple things on the mirror overnight and have less setup issues. Right now I got a little tiny glass square that I shim with business cards each time.

My real question is should I make the pocket for the mirror with the surface bit? or should I use the flat bottom carbide bit? Or should I use something else? I have a feeling both will work but one it preferred over the other do to speed? Should I use the carbide and then clean up with the surface bit? I do realise I will have to do the corners with the carbide regardless.

1/8 dual flute carbide

Surface bit

I also need to flash the rc8 firmware and read up on the fusion post processor again.

Edit: Maybe not? Read on another post Vicious was having issues with it???


Just my thoughts…If you creating a “pocket” for the glass/mirror to set into, you need to account for the diameter of the bit as the corners will either be a little rounded or a lot rounded depending on which bit you use. Either will work for your intended purpose, bit the surfacing bit will be faster. However the endmill will leave nicer corners.

I already knew I would need to use the endmill for the corners. That surfacing bit is 1in wide, so it wasn’t going to be even close. I think I’ll plane the spoil board flat. Then create the pocket with the surface bit and then do the corners last with the endmill. I just got back from lowes, bought a picture to steal the glass out of. Then got home realised it’s plexiglass and not real glass. Finding a square glass/mirror has been harder than I expected.

Anyone got a recommendation on feeds and speeds? I have no idea where to start.

Edit: Called a custom glass place, they want $47 for a 19x19 mirror…said I could have it in a few days
Edit2: Second place wanted $15 and said I could pick it up after 2 hours. 19inch mirror is bought for.

Now all I need is to plane the surface and make my pocket.


Not sure where you are, but I buy glass for my printer at the hardware store and they cut it to size for $3. Granted, its 8x8, but id still check your local hardware store.

Yes I called around eventually found someone who would cut me 19x19 mirror for $15. I’m not going to mess with it tonight. I would really like a spare piece of MDF to make some test cuts but I don’t think I will get that luxury. I’m going to cut a small test square tomorrow at 15mm’s and then at 30mm’s and see how that goes.