Graphic Smart Controller Display Corruption

I have search for this issue and have not found anything that resembles it.

My display will shift ass though the screen address has moved. It doesn’t affect the function of the machine at all it will work quite happily while the display is a mess. I wonder if anyone has had this problem and how i could fix it. I post a couple of pics to give context.

Im using RC8 with the Bug Fix for Zprobing
it did the same thing on RC7.

ATX 700W power supply

Thanks for checking out this post

Is that long string of characters your file name or is it gibberish? How are your screen wires routed, near any other noisy wires?

That huge file name is the build name of RC8 with bug fix by @P3DCNC from this topic

MY Ramps and graphic display are housed in this from thingyverse

here is a pic showing my inside wiring. I guess it could be too close to the stepper drivers when closed and the fan wiring follows the display wires. which would be a shame as i quite like this housing.

It looks fine. The fan you have plugged into the ramps is a bad idea you should really run it into the green plug. I have melted many plugs and ramps boards doing that.

It could be a bad screen.

There is a post from me in the troubleshooting pages 1 month 1 week ago reporting the same, or at least very similar, problem finally solved as reported by a replacement screen. As a follow up to my last post I have now removed, using a hot air work station set to 400C, the faulty encoder from one module and replaced it with the one from the faulty display module. The quality of the soldering in these modules appears to me to be very hit and miss.

So I now have a module sourced from viscious1 which always works, one that is a composite of 2 faulty ones which also works and a spare useless display.

Looking on the reprap forum these displays often appear to be faulty!


Thanks Vicious and Dennis. I have now had this display running away from the Ramps board and it is still corrupting. I will now get another, what a pain, i guess you get what you pay for. I will swap out my fan connection as advised thanks again


New full graphic screen controller and no more corruption. so much happier.

Thanks for the help