Great F360 videos

I finally took the plunge into Fusion 360, after having played with TinkerCAD every since I fell down this rabbit hole. I got a few great tips in my own build thread:
Autodesk LIVE 360, based on a well known part made by Ryan :wink:

And this one from NYC CNC:

I was hoping to gather a few more of them, and realized it might deserve it’s own thread. So - please - share more videos if you have any favourites!


I found this one to be helpful.

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Super neat! Only a few minutes ago I was drawing my first thing (a small spool for a dc motor), and I kept struggling to change already made extrusions. You answered my questions before I got to ask them! My next enigma is understanding how the sketch tool works… ie, why did the direction of the z axis flip when I copied a profile? Why do the dimensions change, when I initially had them precise. (From 6mm to 5.998mm??) The rabbit hole is gigantic!

I know what you’re talking about with the flip thing, sorry but I don’t have an answer for that one. It is annoying. Maybe someone can clue us both in on that.

Check out a few videos on sketch constraints. I’ve been trying to use more constraints and fixed constraints in my cad. It think it helps preserve geometry from getting broken farther down the time line.

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Kevin Kennedy’s YouTube channel has a lot of really good content and his videos are easy to follow. I started out as a beginner and followed Kevin’s “Learn Autodesk Fusion 360 in 30 Days” series.

Kevin’s channel:

The Learn Autodesk Fusion 360 in 30 Days series is here:

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With the covid19-lockdown it’ll be more like “Learn Autodesk Fusion 360 in 7 days, while your wife and kids go crazy”. Thanks for a good advice, I looked a little into it, and it seems perfect atm.

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Sooo satisfying! This would’ve been very cumbersome to figure out with tinkercad.


Automating the crane?

Father-in-law who wants to make a toy crane for his grandkids and needed a custom spool. Not very fancy, but great fun printing and getting a perfect fit on first try. Forgot to figure out the tolerances, but they clicked together nicely - lucky me!

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Any hints on places to learn how to set up the LR2 as a machine within F360? I attempted to do this and F360 is telling me it couldn’t reconcile the machine. I’m obviously missing something - been tinkering with the inputs and trying to find what I am not entering right, but it just won’t take.
I’m getting my router bits entered fine as tools. But to create the LowRider2 as a machine, t just won’t take.

I think you need to download the “post processing” file (available in the Fusion 360 forum main links )

Sorry this is such a long time ago reply. But thank you for the tip! I figured out how to get my regular AutoCAD that I had to get to post processing into EstlCAM and I have sorted out a bandaid. I really need to plug away at 3D modeling - I am so out of the times right now. But I do enjoy the 2D part cutting.