Great resource for designing and understanding production!

How thick should a 3d printed wall be at least? What principles should be prioritized when designing? What clearance should I go for when designing interlocking part?

Coming from human siences, designing in CAD has been a true challenge. One thing is understanding the software tools themselves, another thing is the basics of designing and understanding physical properties. I just stumbled upon this knowledge base and was blown away by all the useful insights! Perhaps there are more soft skinned non-engineers around here than me, so here is my recommendation of the year:

There are tons of useful articles here, just a little confusing to navigate from phone.


Heh, the guy that made Kismet(wireless auditing application) just posted the enclosure design link on his discord a few hours ago.

Yeah, that’s the article that caught my attention. It showed up in my Google now feed. Very useful.

I’m impressed with how well Google picks out the feed content. How could they know that I’m a soft skinned newbie looking for insights on designing 3d parts, at this very moment? Does Google know me better than I do, or even my wife or mother?? :grimacing: or is it a mere coincident? :face_with_monocle:

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Crazy isn’t it? It also showed up in my feed, which tells me that I’m in the right place to have people who have already worked through the problems I have in my projects help me out :smile:

I was listening to yt music the other day and I was wondering if they paid attention to which songs I was singing along with…

It is all correlation based. You’re not that unique, sorry, and they know you hang out here, and visit thingiverse. They have you figured out.


Yeah, obviously… it just makes me feel special! I know with my reasoning that we are many in this boat, but my heart feels warm when someone knows me for who I truly am (even though it’s just an algorithm…) :innocent: I guess I’m just thankful to find such a well organized resource! Now I know where to go when I struggle with a corner, making pieces fit together, or making a complicated bridge.


Thay is a great perspective. I fall into all kinds of dystopian ideas about it, but imagining a far away friend that is thinking about you is pretty awesome.