GT2 10mm Belt Options


I am located in the UK, and I am trying to put together the parts to build my first CNC machine (a 460 x 610 Primo). I found the SKR Pro 1.2 board almost impossible to find locally, so I bit the bullet and ordered that direct from Ryan. I would have ordered more, but just adding another couple of lightweight items, like the cable bundle, pushed the shipping cost to eye-watering levels.

Anyway, I’ve managed to source just about everything else except the GT2 10mm belt. I see that Ryan has a fibreglass reinforced belt in his store, and like the SKR, it is as rare as hen’s teeth this side of the Pond. I did find this steel reinforced belt on Amazon UK and wondered if it would a suitable substitution.

Or, can I use a standard rubber belt such as this one.

Thank you.

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I’ll bet that rubber belt you have listed is fiber reinforced, based on the “low elongation” stated in the listing. One of the reviews for that listing even says “Using on a 3D printed Cnc machine.”

Steel reinforced belts are strongly discouraged. Because the turning radius around the pulley and reverse turns around the idlers are fairly tight, the steel reinforcements tend to fatigue and break in a relatively short time, then the belt stretches and results in inconsistent motion.

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@ttraband, thank you for the advice on the belts. I’ll go with the rubber one or something similar.

I’m UK build and have just ordered from here: POWGE GT2 LL 2GT RF 2GT Open Synchronous Timing belt width 6/9/10/12/15mm Rubber Low dust low vibration VORON gates 3D printer|Transmission Belts| - AliExpress

It’s not cheap, but it’s good quality belt and I use their 6mm belt and pulleys in all my 3D printers that move around at hundreds of mm/s with a fair bit of tension. Best part of a year on and still fine.