Guerrilla guide to CNC machining, mold making, and resin casting

good info…
Home manufacturing tutorial for robot builders, model makers, and other hobbyists

This should be required reading before some people email me!
I like that guide, Might have to make an educational sticky for this kind of thing.

I wanted to make some of the parts using cast resin, so I could sell full kits cheaper but the resin is pretty expensive, heck even the rtv for the mold is expensive. If you have any experience or any hookups help me out.

Check out this guy.

he had me hooked on the custom K value spring and a crazy nitenol hinge. and that was just a few minutes of watching.

I know a few people over here that can do resin cast. The lab girl at the fiberglass manufacturer moonlights as a fiberglass fabricator.

I did some carbon fiber/cast knives last year myself, it was OK results but I did not have the proper vacuum chamber so the silicon mold had bubbles in it.