Has anyone ordered flatparts for the LowRider from “Kinetech”?

I just bought the Lowrider bundle and since the flat parts were sold out, I found a link on the forum from “kinetechconcepts.com”. I haven’t received any sort of order confirmation email or shipping updates. I submitted a “contact me” message but haven’t heard anything back. It has me worried since my account has been charged.

Can anyone else verify this is a legit link to order from to make me feel a little better?

@magilla422 Any updates?

This is the original post.

Hi Trevor,

I have sent you a few e-mails with updates and explaining the delay with the holidays, could you ease check your spam or junk mail just in case that is where my emails are going. You order is scheduled to go out today.

Sorry for any mixup or unexpected delay.


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I just received the emails! Thanks a lot Billy! I assumed it was because I ordeeed around the holidays, I was just a little nervous.

Cant wait to start my build. Thanks guys!