Heat bed thermistor mounting


What the best way to mount the thermistor onto an aluminum heat bed? It’s an MK3 3D Printer Heated Bed - 3mm Aluminium PCB Heatbed - 12v & 24v - Alu Rep Rap. Here’s the link … http://www.ebay.ca/itm/221821924577

Thanks R.

kapton tape in the center

Thanks, got it ordered. With the MK3 3D Printer Heated Bed my assumption is that I don’t need glass and I would print directly on the bed itself. Is that correct? I also read that you would print on the aluminum side and NOT the black. Is that correct as well?

Forgive me but I’m new to 3d printers, and I’m finding conflicting answers to these questions on google

Thanks R.

I don’t think that’s a good idea. I’ve seen prints stick to glass beds hard enough to pull chunks out. Wouldn’t want to pull the traces off your heat bed!

Thanks, so your saying I should clamp glass to the head bed? If so what type of glass (i.e. is there a special kind, thickness…etc)?

Mine is borosilicate, about an eighth inch thick.

I just cut a piece of 4mm mirror.

And I attached the thermistor with some epoxy. Remember to also glue down the wire, so you do not stress the thin wires on the thermistor when the bed moves.