do you have to delete the heated bed in the marlin firmware when compiling firmware for like rumba32 cnc

firmware for like rumba32 cnc

I’m not sure what this means. Does it mean compiling firmware for the MPCNC for a board like this one? If so, then my typical way to answer these kinds of questions is to go look at configuration.h and configuration_adv.h in a version of the firmware maintained by V1. I don’t find a any Marlin setting that “deletes” a heated bed, but I do find this line:


…which says there is no temp sensor for the heated bed.

From a practical standpoint I don’t think it matters if the heated bed is enabled or not. CNC postprocessors don’t generate an M140 g-code, and in the cases on this forum where I see a M140, it is a problem that can be fixed with the printer setup/start code in the g-code sending tool.

If you have the source to a version of the firmware that runs on your Rumba32 board, then you might consider doing a “diff” on the configuration.h and configuration_adv.h files of that firmware and the firmware maintained by V1 that matches closest to the Rumba32 board…probably the SKR Pro 1.2 or the SKR 1.3 firmware. These days I use Meld to do my “diffs.” This will show you how the Rumba32 settings are different than a V1 maintained version of Marlin. You can then elect to merge in changes starting from either version of the firmware.

thanks if there’s no thermister, it won’t read it.