Heaterbed wont get warm: heater id failed

Hello again,

I have bought everything from you now. But still I cant get the heaterbed on. I got an 30a dc with 4 cables out to my ramp (2 red and 2 black) All of my ramp parts are on 12v. So there everything goes correctly I think. Then I got the black cable D8 and Red on the +. The Thermistor i got on T1.

The error that i got before i bought everything from you is still the same as now: heating failed, system stopped! Heater_ID: bed.
So changing the hardware/ heaterbed didn’t change anything.

If i feel the heatbed it doesn’t get warm. Also there comes no volt through here.
If i remove the heatbed, the error is gone. And the printer works, still not correctly (cant get it stick anymore) so hope this heatbed will start working finally so that i can print my first parts in an half year :). Not giving up yet but hope I get some progress now instead of bumps in the road. Thanks for everything

Pretty sure you are going to need to increase the wire size from the power supply.

What thermistor value did you set in the firmware? Should be 11, your bed is showing it is at 40, that is warm. Did it start warming up and then you got the error? if that is the case your wires are too small and it took too long to warm up.

Are you sure the power supply is putting out 12v, if you don’t switch to the correct input voltage it won’t work well. 110/220 switch on the side of the power supply.

Thanks for your answer. I’m sure the output is 12 volt. I’ve checked it with the multimeter. There is also 12 volt coming in on the green part of the ramp. And also on the D8+ part. It didn’t start up warming, it stayed in iddle and after a minute it went to the error. I took the thermistor value 40 from: https://v1engineering.com/repetier-host/ . So that should be 11? The switch on the side is put on 220.

I just changed the wires of the power supply, unfortunately didn’t make a difference

If you’re in the US, flip the switch to 110, unplug it first. Unless you have it plugged into a 220 outlet, which would be weird.

I live in Europe, think I need 220. 110 would be weird here if i’m right. Forgot to say that, thanks for your answer though.

I also tried it on another ramp: same problem, same error :(. Maybe something in the software?

I tried something new: if i put the extruder thermistor on T1 and the heatbed thermistor on T0 then i get (ofcourse) the same error. But my heatbed heat won’t go up either. It stays in Repetier on 0 while my thermistor of the extruder is at least 40 degrees. This is very weird i think. Maybe someone knows an answer/ solution after this. Looks like the thermistor isn’t used/ turned off or something. Maybe the same with D8 connections?

Replaced the mosfet with a stronger one and still: I get the same error. Someone has any clue where this comes from? Would really help me. Thanks

You are showing zero degrees on the bed thermistor, did you change the firmware? None of my firmware have the bed enabled, you need to use thermistor #11. The lowest that should show is room temp, 23C or so.

Also verify you are actually connected to repetier, can you heat up the nozzle?

Thanks, that worked. Thought it was already set up in the firmware since it was saying that it’s click and go. But now it works :slight_smile:
Finally ready for some real printing jobs

The cnc is plug and play as a cnc if you are adding a heat bed, I am sorry 1 edit has to be made. I guess I could ship it with another resistor plug but soon I will ship with none.