Help! First cut problems

alright so i’m clearly doing something wrong , just not sure what.

I just did my first cut using estlcam.

I have 1/4" double flute end mill.

the problem i’m having is the text area of the file is completely unreadable… it’s like it’s carving out too much on each pass and taking out areas it shouldnt be.

tool diameter is set to 6.35mm which is 1/4"…

stepover is at 45% ( I don’t fully understand what this for)

any idea what I have set wrong here?

Also if I update the tool list with new settings will it automatically apply it to image with engrave lines already applied?

thanks in advance

Can you post a picture of the cut? Also, what kind of cut are you using in estlcam?

using the engrave feature following the tutorial … is that my problem right there that i’m using engrave?

i’ve attached two photos and the svg of the graphic


You need a smaller bit for that kind of detail, and you will want to cut outside your letters.

If I were to make this larger would the 1/4" end mill then essentially yield a “better” end result?

I just ordered some 1/8" double flute end mills but won’t have them for a while.

when you put the tool size in estlcam and make your path the red is your line and the yellow is what your tool will remove. You will see in all inside corners you are left with your tools radius.

Make sense?

So to answer your question yes, bigger letter will work better. More importantly some fonts work better as well.

ah excellent… makes sense now thank you.