Help with Pronterface

My x axis keeps binding up at half full z and won’t move. When trying to do my first print this keeps happening.

Also my rambo board was making a series of beeps

Why do you suspect this is pronterface related?

I don’t know if anyone has tried pronterface recently to run a job. I use it for setting up my machines frequently and I use it for 3D printers. But I remember not having good luck with it for running cnc jobs. I had better luck with pronsole for that.

But the x and z binding stuff doesn’t sound pronterface related and I don’t know what kind of machine you have or what you mean.

I built the low rider. Everything moves with manual control but as soon as I throw a g code in the machine stops running and starts making strange beeps

Have you ran the test crown premade gcode? That will help us figure out if the issue is in cam or the gcode sender.

I figured it out. It wasn’t bound up just moving at an incredibly slow rate for the first movement. Swapped over to octoprint thanks to your articles. Thank you for the quick responses