Homing Time Out

Hi I have the Dual End Stop MPCNC, and was wondering if there was a way to adjust the homing Time out? If I do not have the Head close to the 0,0 the XY Homing Times out. Is there something in the firmware I need to adjust?

Any help is greatly appreciated

It’s a “safety” feature in the firmware and specifically associated with bed size to keep the machine from trying to home excessively. So, you need to adjust the max X and Y bed sizes (lines .

// The size of the print bed #define X_BED_SIZE 200 #define Y_BED_SIZE 200

I haven’t adjusted mine, I just move the gantry close and then hit home. Or, I hit home multiple times.


Ok thanks. Any tips on where to start looking to edit the firmware? I'm still new with these control boards

It’s in config.h I believe. Just search for X_BED_SIZE.

Barry is right, the file is configuration.h. I thought I had added that when I responded, but I must have had a senior moment.

Ryan has a good firmware page under Home, Information that provides the basics for the firmware and how to flash your controller board.