Hotend mount redesign

So recently iv been trying to come up with a quad extruder mount, Iv designed a mark1 and then a mark2 version, It will work, well the mount will, however after hearing from Ryan, who brought up issues with the type of head i was using, and some difficulties i would face with that extruder. pretty much, theres better stuff out there. But lucky for me the extruder didn’t cost me much and i brought all the parts separately to assemble, so for my new design, i only had to fork out about $10. I will however keep it and mess around with it when iv got a printer spare.

This design is based on a Chimera/ Cyclops hotend. This will give me the option of dual extrusion, colour mixing and to use a volcano hot end for faster print speeds.

Theres still some work to do, Im juggling around different idea’s at the moment, but i will need to incorporate a syringe needle holder where the square hole is. Where "1"the picture, i have left a gap between the heatsink and the mount, A insulator will be put in this gap,a bolt hole located on the heatsink with pull the heatsink towards the mount. Also theirs a few fan mounts im looking at.

[attachment file=41098]