How to cut SS Tube for LR 2

I don’t have a lot of tools so wondering the best way to cut 1" OD SS Tube for LR2?

Does the end of tube have to be perfectly square or is a slight angle acceptable such as you might get with a hacksaw. Other thing is how to secure when cutting (i.e. pipe vice) so as not to squeeze the tube too hard?



As long as it’s reasonably straight, should be alright. I had my metal supplier cut mine, so however you feel safe clamping them down. If you have a bench vice, wrap a piece of cardboard around it will keep it from getting marred up. I don’t think you’ll be able to bend it with a clamp unless you really go gorilla on it.

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I just purchased this guy.

if you are near me you are welcome to use mine (its still in the package as I have yet to cut mine yet).

I am in central, IL



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Thanks Neil… I don’t have my tubing yet. I was going to order exact lengths I needed however the company stated the cuts could be 1/16" off in any direction. Wasn’t sure if the CNC build plan would allow for small discrepancies in tube length. BTW I live on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi.



If you over-estimate the lengths you need by an inch or so, then the 1/16” difference in cut won’t matter at all. The 4 Z axis pipes just hang down and the bottoms hang out in empty space. The X axis tubes also don’t have anything abutting the ends of them so it doesn’t matter there either. As long as the tubes are long enough for the size table you want, you won’t have a problem.


I have killed many a blade. I finally broke down and got the tiny abrasive saw from harbor freight. Stainless is tough stuff, but the abrasive actually works really well.


I agree with Ryan, stainless is more of a challenge to cut than is regular mild steel. I’ve had good luck with the harbor freight angle grinders. If you have a cutoff wheel, you can do the cut, then switch to the regular grinding wheel to clean it up if needed.

Having said that, if you can get someone to cut it within 1/16", then I also agree with Jeff that should work quite well, too.

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Cool! I lived in Biloxi for half a year in the second grade. Step dad went to tech school at Keesler afb.

Hi Barry,

Yep I’m from Biloxi…several relatives work on Keesler. What year were you in the 2nd grade if you don’t mind me asking?


Yeah Jeff I was going to order an inch or two longer than I needed and then cut it to length myself. But it sounds like I won’t even have to cut it if it is reasonably close. I don’t want it to look weird though… lol…


First half of 82. I finished out 2nd in GA. I think the park we lived in got swept into the bay during Katrina.


Yeah I live on Biloxi Back Bay (directly across the bay from Keesler North side) on the water and the water went over my roof in Katrina in 2005. My house was 14 ft above sea level at the foundation so another 12-15 ft to top of roof…thats a lot of water.

1982 I was dealing Blackjack in Las Vegas…came home to Biloxi 10 years later in 92.

Heh, in 92 we were driving to Alaska!

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