How to keep XY reference to switch tool

Hi, I am Cristian, Sorry for my bad english,
I am a brazillian and I and my students group had finish the mount of MPCNC one week ago, so I already did the first run with Styrofoam, and some days ago I ran with Dremel 4000 with MDF(wood) 25mm, but my doubt is:

1.If I put a finished part in the bed, and want to start in a specific location in XY plan, how I do that? I was thinging just exclude the Gcode of home and set the head manually…

2.And now I watched this video of MPCNC : and I was thinking how the guy did the correct dimension of the cup acessory when he was milling? I using ESTLcam V9, and the only thing I can imagine that guy did is to use diferrent tools on ESTL (a pen and a drill), and add a Pause gcode when drawing was finished to keep the XY reference of the draw.

3.The ESTL dimensions are real? Because when I put DXF exemples there the exemples was too small, so I have to resize them in ESTL. How I measure on ESTL?

  1. Where I find Vicious DXF exemple?

Thanks in advance

The way I do it is having x/y endstops at one end. These are my reference 0’s because they don’t change. When I do parts that require multiple bits I make sure their 0 is always in the same place on the files. Then I do the following;

1: Attach whatever I’m cutting to the spoil board.
2: Load the first gcode file.
3: Hit X and Y home in repetier, this brings the router for me all the way to the left and front.
4: Jog the router over to where I want the new 0 to be.
5: Use my homemade touch off plate to set Z 0 by hitting Z home in repetier.
6: Write down the current X/Y position on a postit note. <<<— This is my Achilles heel. I forget this part way too often.
7: Hit the Set 0 shortcut button in repetier to set my new 0 at the current location.

Once it’s done, I just swap out the bit, which usually moves the router, so your 0 is now gone, and start over at step 2 with the new gcode.

The easiest way to size parts in Estlcam is know what size they were in whatever cad/cam software they were designed. Then when you import them, use the same measurement system. Otherwise I just change the grid size to a known dimension and scale off that.

1- I don’t use end stops, so either diable the g28 command or move it and reset the zero position with the lcd or repetier.

2- sized correctly in CAD- imported the same-

3- make sure you import them at the correct units.

4- in the shop,

ahhh, Barry beat me too it, Thanks

You mention touch off plate. Where does one find info on using this and setting it up for the ramps board?

Give me a few minutes, I’ll upload a quick video.

Thanks soo much for sharing that!

Thanks all you so much, i will share some images from jobs that we already made. Tips are welcome… I will work to learn more about how to use ESTLcam and just in case I ask you again.