I call it "F*&$#@g Dog"

The title, only because this was far more challenging than I thought it would be. Plus side, it encouraged me to set up the Z-homing and learned to configure Estlcam for better tool changes. The first cut, I nearly burned my garage down. I’ll save that story for later…


Looks great!

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Ah, don’t make us wait longer, rest of story please.


Turned out nice!

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@larryk - My lesson learned is to not cut-out the entire sign as a “part” at a depth that exceeds the length of the exposed portion of the cutting tool. This mistake is further exacerbated by leaving the cut running unattended in a closed garage. I found that when the locking nut for the bit on the Dewalt DW660 plows into the project at such force that the z-axis stepping motor is capable of, in-combination of the tool’s powerful 5 amp, 30K rpm motor, that quite a bit of heat is generated. Only when checking-in on the cutting progress did I find that my garage was filled with smoke, and there is serious scorching and gouging on the project. I also required a new cutting tool clamp, as the original PLA that I printed had melted/shattered.

Note to self: Ensure that the cutting tool is longer than the deepest depth required on the project. Roll the table outside when leaving the machine unattended. :fire::fire_engine::fire_extinguisher:

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I had flames :fire: so never again without supervision its like a puppy :dog: with a new recliner don’t do it. :grinning:


Good advice. We’re getting a new puppy in a few weeks. I’ll take the recliner off the shopping list for now. :dog2: :poop:


Ah, been there before. First time was just a standard drill bit in oak. Just needed a deeper on job site. Late and tired. Just keep pushing the drill. Then the smoke, from the hole and Brushes. the Chips had no place to go and the friction built up. Last time was pushing a router bit much like you did. Try to remember to check my setting of depth and cutting cutting lenght.Little reminders like this usually only come from experience