I Hope everyone is ok!

I just want to check in on everyone in the V1 fam. Especially those of you living in possibly dangerous weather conditions. Some of us have it better then others, but regardless I hope everyone is alright. Be safe guys!

Some photos of our interesting night.


We Had branches breaking under the weight of the ice. I was standing outside at 5 am listening to transformers blowing and all the large trees in the neighbor hood collapsing
I had a really long print going that has so far survived 2 power outages. The second one was over 10 hours. With a textured plate all I could do was sit on stand by with a few candles listening to my print peel it self off the build plate as the it cooled.


Yikes! That looks like some serious weather.

Yes sir! I just edit it and added some damage to our tree.

It’s all so far from my realm of comprehension - ice… we do see it, but in large lumps falling from the sky on hot summer’s days. :astonished:

Looks like a quarter inch of freezing rain? I have lived through a few storms like that here in Michigan. It is not fun stuff to be caught in. I hope your staying safe in doors and off the roads (if you can even get in your car).

A lot of it was probably closer to a 1\2 inch.
Neighborhood damage is pretty bad!

Whoa, that looks like Godzilla came through.

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It’s been cold here for a few days. We’re supposed to be getting the coldest weather in over 30 years on Monday.

I turned the heater on in the shop set to 40f to help keep pipes from freezing. I don’t even want to think what our electric bill will look like next month.

I feel you on that!

Here on the (almost) north pole, things are quite boring. Last year we were drowning in snow. This year we’ve had very little, and it’s not very cold either. The Siberian cold winds have probably hit more south of us, where you guys must be! (The Europeans of you)


Surreal photos. I grew up in Florida and live in Arizona (USA). Last time I saw ice on my driveway was when I tripped and spilled my margarita.


In Colorado, we’ve had plenty of cold, but not enough moisture. It is -9F now, which is very unusual, but not really causing any new issues for us. We are used to pretty cold. It has been “snowing” for a few days, but only a few inches of accumulation. When it snows here, it usually dumps. I imagine the mountains are getting most of it

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Stay safe! Living in Cali of course that never happens, and when we do see snow it’s often a few feet in a day, and chain controls are common.

When I was living in Michigan though, I experienced some really cold weather (granted, the snow doesn’t get as burly as cali… at least outside the lake effect area where I lived :wink: ). Ice storms were so pretty imho… I spent lots of time taking photos of the crystals at night. It’s just different out there in the northwest… ppl still drive 90mph when it is snowing (cali they go 25)… roads get heavily iced (cali plows and uses ca carbonate)… some folks use studded tires (illegal on most CA highways)… no chain controls for the most part (always in cali, even if it’s barely slushy)… and lots of comfort food to get you by (too much kale in cali). In cali, news suggests you stay home if it snows in the mountains, lol. Luckily I was in college at an apartment complex during those ice storms, and nothing major happened like trees falling etc. There were a few mornings I had to walk 1/2mile to class, because my little rear wheel drive sports car just could not make it up the steep incline to get out of the parking lot at my apartment. Oh… and nobody ever parked at the end of the incline during winter… that was the designated skidding area for folks coming back home, lol.

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None of the ice here, it’s been cold enough to just stick with snow. That might change mid-day tomorrow as things warm while the precipitation continues.

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